Stairway to Heaven – Guest Lecture to MBA Students at NDIM, Delhi

A lecture I recently delivered last year, at the New Delhi Institute of Management. While interacting with students,  I cherished the memories of my own days as an MBA student. I could relate to the vigour and excitement of students on day one. I shared various learning from my Corporate journey of more than a decade with students. I told the students that India is a land of opportunities, it is no doubt one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Having said that in current scenario, employment is not a problem but employability is.

I emphasised , that the students need to gain and develop their employability skills in the next two years and the should be the primary focus. I gave examples of various leaders Sam Walton, Richard Branson, Einstein, Satya Nadella, Nelson Mandela etc. and shared inspiring facts about them. Overall this was an inspiring experience


Only 10% Managers take purposeful action: Unleashing Organisational Energy

  • For a vast majority of Managers Knowledge isn’t really a problem. The real problem is majority of managers don’t do knowing what they ought to be doing. Purposeful action is what they need!
  • Organisation is a playground for human emotions and many managers don’t realise it. Typically in Management one focus on reason but not the emotions and that is a barrier to have the focus moving forward
  • Motivation is “Outside -In” and Volition is “Inside Out”. Leader has to help people visualise their intentions

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About Sumantra:

Sumantra Ghoshal is one of the greatest Management thinkers of the century. Truly inspirational when ever I hear him! I find his talks so inspiring, that it keeps my pursuit of uncovering, discovering various perspectives on management and leadership going every day.