“Believe you are better than many, yet accept there are many better than you”  – Madan, December 2017

I respect what you say, may not accept what you say – December 2017

The problem with baggages in life and backpacks during travel are similar: you don’t realize that you are hitting others with it -.October 2017

#Innovation is overrated, if you can imitate even a small part of whats their nature , you are genius” – July 2017 @sadhguru

“#Running is: Mind over Matter, Soul over Heart , Bliss over Pain and Journey over Destination- July 2017

“Assertion = Defining your values and sticking to it: consistently” – July 2017

“Learn like sponge, adapt like clay”-February 2017

“Quality is a fine balance between speed and perfection” – January 2017

“I did not hire you, I believed in you”-December 2016

“Stay fearless yet respectful stay passionate yet calm” 13th Nov 2016

“Passion is overrated, Persistence hardly rated, the challenge is not so much with the skill or lack of it, but how we are assessing it” #Leadership #Recruiting – 14th October, 2016

“Your 5 year plan is not of much worth, if you can not visualize the next 6 months” –            21st September, 2016

“Money is funny, the one who does not have, has nothing to loose and the one who has does not want to loose ” ‘ August 2016

“Mind is the muscle you can flex the most”- April, 2016

“Team is defined by the leader and the leader is defined by his Theme” – April, 2016

“When your limits tend to infinity, success tends to eternity” – April, 2016

“There is a Buddha in everyone, discovering it is their journey” – Feb, 2016buddha

“Never prospect a company without looking up their website, never meet a prospect without looking up their #LinkedIn” – April, 2016

“It’s an unequal world, with equal opportunities, hence success isn’t what you have but what you do with it” – March, 2016

“Be generous in your praise and constructive in your criticism, the reverse is not your assertion but mere diffidence” – November, 2015

“Religion is prayer not preaching, service not status, humility not hatred and plural coexistence not secular insistence” – October, 2015

“You never find time to run, but always reasons to”July, 2015

“Be arrogant to yourself and humble with everyone else” – July, 2015

“The biggest mistake of parenting is to make the child focus on outcomes and not on the journey, feelings and experience of it” – April, 2015

“Conflicts are hard to resolve, when focus shifts from skills and attitudes to personalities and attributes” – February, 2015

“People confuse religion and culture. Religion enables faith and culture enables values. The problem is when they try using faith to enforce values” – December,2014

DSC03367“Life presents to you the right and the appropriate, age unfortunately, gives you the wisdom to do right when appropriate”November, 2014

“Talk to listen, not listen to talk” – October, 2014

“Staying positive is neither an option nor a choice but life’s default” – October 2014

“Creativity can happen at any moment. What differentiates an Artist is that he lives it, while others let it pass” – October 2014

“Your team won’t care about your business if you don’t care about theirs?” – July,2014

“Disconnect the “Spirit” from the “Rituals” and you are Spiritual” – May, 2014

“‪‎BYOD‬ may be a fad but ‪#‎BYOB (Bring your own Bag)‬ a reality!” – April, 2014

“Facebook has added 50 more genders, I want to suggest the 51st. Its a gender called ‘dickhead’ and I see there are plenty around” – February, 2014

“Dear Candidate, You are hired! While your work experience is same or less than others, your life experiences sets you apart” – January,2014

“Luck can not be consistent, but your efforts can be” – January,2014

“Not a buyers market, neither a sellers market, it is a brokers market..the fundamental reason for all the bs* economy is going through”

“They say rebirth is after death, I say rebirth is every time you discover something new about yourself. What have you discovered today?” – May,2013

“Many situations in life are like a new pair of jeans, the fit may not be the best at start but matter of time and you would swear by it on top of most things you wear” – March,2013

“You can always find reasons to be unhappy about, but the key is to find the ones that will make you happy” – March,2013

“The main purpose of a job is to fund the remaining 15 or 16 hours of your day” – September, 2012

“Wish we had a regulator for life, like the one for a fan, we could slow down when ever we want and when ever we can !” – December,2009 turkey_gr2-040313-662

“Work is war-ship” – August,2009

“Knowing others will make one wise, but knowing oneself is enlightening” June,2009


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