Become a bad manager in just 8 steps


bad managerThere is enough about  the good manager. Everyone is striving to be good, but no one has tried uncovering the other side. Here is  a blueprint which will help you succeed in becoming the worst manager on the block.
1. Maintain the pecking order: The first step is to add as many levels as possible between the you  and the team.  Flat organisations are just fad. Why should a team member be able to approach you easily? You already have so many things to do. Approvals should go through at least  5 people before reaching you. Your team member needs to look at the brighter side. The process enables the employee to know more people and build working relationship. And if an employee complains, just blame it on Hofstede. He is the one who spoke about power distance and culture.
2. No-confidence motion: The Trust business is all good for…

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