Do you have a Marketing Mindset?

Marketing is a “State of Mind” or the “Mindset” which each employee should imbibe in his/her thought process. “Why and how” would put Marketing definition in the right perspective.
As we all understand, Marketing in any form or function has two clear objectives:
Understand the Need/Pain/Challenge of Customer.
Position and Deliver the Best Solution/Product/Service. Business and of course marketing starts and ends with customer, the very reason for its existence!
With this pretext no doubt Marketing forms the very basis of any function in the organization. Let’s look at few of functions one by one
– Human Resources – Imbibes Customer Orientation in employees and ensure the capabilities are attuned to deliver best products / services.
– Production / Operations – Ensure Customer Delight by delivering products / service of the highest quality.
– Finance – Ensure the best price to customer through effective financial planning and budgeting.(Assuming that Price is always not market)
– Research and Development – Deliver innovative products to customers based on their needs.
And this would probably be the case for every other function, thus clearly reinforcing the fact that every employee needs to have a “Marketing Mindset”, which directs his / her actions in the organization towards Customer Needs. Having said all this, Can we Isolate Marketing as a separate function and just let it operate in a silo? The answer in my opinion would be “NO”. It may be categorized as a separate function for ease of structure and operational reasons, but the mindset and objective of Marketing should be something realized and practiced across all the Business functions and its employees. I understand that this is something hard to practice across functions…and few of the thoughts may sound a bit abstract, but then its not easy institutionalize a “Mindset!”.

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