The book shelf..

Do you read business books or books from non fiction side of book store? Do you find yourself rarely struggling to get past the first few chapters, not because the book is poorly written but due to time constraints of work. People generally have many business books on their bookshelf, partially completed? This sometimes slows down ones book buying. I have figured out a solution which is kind of working out well for me. Let us understand the Challenges first:
Time constraints,
De-motivation by the fact that many thoughts in the business books are repetitive.
“I know the stuff anyway….attitude”.
The Solution:
Buying books in emerging and unexplored areas, which one feels is significant in now or in near future for his / her profession.
Reading selectively by first browsing through and identifying topics which one feels are of instant interest and could be used in business right away.
Reading during the idle time during the day like traveling, waiting at airport, waiting at the barber shop or in the ticket queue etc. These actually prove to be the most effective time for reading.
Synchronizing books with ones thoughts & Profession: a.) Reading and simultaneously reflecting to constantly relate to what we do in our business and what’s suggested in the book. b.) Going back to these business books and see if there is anything written around the challenges we face in our day to day professional life.

One thought on “The book shelf..

  1. Apparently, the wealth of ones book collection is defined by the number of unread books in the shelf rather than by those that have been read. Guess this might be the reason why many people do not finish business books.


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