Corporate Mortal

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There are more than a billion blog sites on the net. WordPress alone had 54 million+ in 2012. So first of all thanks for clicking that link which made you come here and for the couple of seconds you spent to visit this page. Thanks again if you are spending few more seconds to read and explore this blog further.This blog project is a humble attempt to express and uncover the idiosyncrasies that the thousands of corporate mortals  experience every day at work.

About the Author

CorporateMortal is an evolving homo sapien working for the quintessential Indian software industry. He grew up in a middle class setting, defined by many idiosyncrasies viz.  monthly struggle to pay rents, living in a 1 bed room flat, flaunting his first Nokia mobile phone with colour screen, going for that first foreign trip and posting pictures on Facebook. A good part of his life was focused on achieving an education that is comparable to the brightest kid in the family and getting a job in multi national that his family and friends can feel good about.

While Mr. Mortal succeeds in this to a reasonable extent, only to discover that he is another corporate mortal amongst billions. He also appreciates the fact, that life gives enough opportunities to introspect, rediscover and explore things like travel, music and writing. When not pursing one of the above Mr. Mortal is busy balancing between work, life and people around.

Like most educated elite, he experiences feelings of frustration, delight and amusement about things happening around. In social settings he talks passionately about politics and how politicians are responsible for every problem in the country. He also doubles up as an adviser to confused souls just out of college and are seeking corporate enlightenment . He does get involved in occasional self gratification by uploading edited profile pictures and intelligent status updates on Facebook. His other passions include music, travel, reading and teaching.

Stay tuned and follow the blog to see the world through Mr. Mortals lenses.



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